5 Simple Rules for Organizing Your Apex Code

When you start to write code many programmers just start writing to get the project done. Honestly, I’ve done it. My code still works even if it doesn’t look good and so does yours. The compiler doesn’t need it to look nice and structured or organized in order to compile it, and the web browser doesn’t need it to look a certain way either.

So why organize your code?

I’ve started many projects where previous code had been written and I’m adding new functionality or fixing old broken code. You may have experienced this too as a developer. You start getting into the code and it’s a nightmare! Before you can even start your project you have to parse through the old code, and even start formatting it and organizing it so that it’s readable and understandable for yourself so that you can then start looking at the changes that need to be made to it.

We organize our code to reduce the effort needed to read and understand source code, to enable...

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