Why AND How To Write Your First Salesforce Lightning Component Using Aura

There's a reason why being a Salesforce Developer is one of the most lucrative jobs on the market. One of those reasons are Lightning Components. Salesforce Lightning Components using Aura are great for the following reasons:

  1. You can write it right inside of developer console
  2. You are able to make use of HTML markup and CSS stylesheets for complete control over how your code looks
  3. You get to make use of the very powerful javascript language for client-side processing of your code.
  4. You can connect your front end Aura / HTML / Javascript to the backend Apex and SOQL for very powerful interactions with the Salesforce database.

To write an Aura Lightning Component you will be utilizing the MVC (Model / View / Controller) architecture.

  • Model: This would be your Salesforce database. Your lightning component can connect to your salesforce database seamlessly and allows you to access your data through your Apex controller class.
  • View: This would be your HTML markup. In your aura...
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How to Setup Your Linked-In Profile to Attract Tech Recruiters

The state of job search today is very different than it was even 10 years ago. It used to be that an employee would work for 1 company their entire life. However, in today’s work culture more than 40% will be freelancers and independent contractors.

More than 40% of today's technology workforce
will be freelancers and independent contractors

So instead of working FOR your employer you will really work WITH your employer. You will be offering the services you are skilled at to a company for a period of time. So as a job seeker you really have to know how to market yourself in today’s job market.

You will want to make sure you get noticed by recruiters and are even sought out by recruiters. However, it’s helpful to know how recruiters work and what their typical day looks like.

  1. A recruiter will on average get about 200 job applications for 1 job position. So they will usually need to skim over resumes (that’s really important to know). They usually only spend...
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5 Simple Rules for Organizing Your Apex Code

When you start to write code many programmers just start writing to get the project done. Honestly, I’ve done it. My code still works even if it doesn’t look good and so does yours. The compiler doesn’t need it to look nice and structured or organized in order to compile it, and the web browser doesn’t need it to look a certain way either.

So why organize your code?

I’ve started many projects where previous code had been written and I’m adding new functionality or fixing old broken code. You may have experienced this too as a developer. You start getting into the code and it’s a nightmare! Before you can even start your project you have to parse through the old code, and even start formatting it and organizing it so that it’s readable and understandable for yourself so that you can then start looking at the changes that need to be made to it.

We organize our code to reduce the effort needed to read and understand source code, to enable...

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The Coding Languages of the Salesforce Platform

When you start to learn Salesforce as a developer, you start to realize there are not just one but many languages that make up the Salesforce.com platform. As a developer you start with one, but end up learning multiple languages to support the actions that businesses require.

I personally started off with web development languages in my early years. HTML and CSS being the simpler ones, then Javascript, PHP, SQL and more dynamic languages as I went further.

With any web-based our cloud-based platform, don’t think you’re going to code with only one language, but each of the different languages will help to provide a well rounded online software platform, and Salesforce is no different. Some are easier to learn and some more complex, but all are easy to get started with and you learn what you need to know as you go.

As a Salesforce Developer, I primarily use the following languages:


This is obviously the primary coding language of salesforce development (Check out...

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Quick Apex Tutorial in 4 Easy Steps

Apex is the programming language of Salesforce. If you are interested in one of the most lucrative programming careers in the coding world, THIS should be your next stop.

To start, you should know a thing or two about Salesforce. You should also create a FREE Developer Org here.

Salesforce Basics

Salesforce is cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. It keeps track of managing all the common types of information you would expect:

  • Customers/businesses (called Accounts)
  • The various people associated with those businesses (called Contacts)
  • Prospective Customers (called Leads)
  • A sale or pending sale (called Opportunities)

These are just a few common ones. There are many, many more.

Each of these above are called “Objects” in Salesforce. The “Account” object will have many “Fields” associated with the Account. These fields store information like Account Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email, etc.

Salesforce comes with many...

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3 Mistakes I Made With My First Coding Project

I started my first real coding project way back in 2002.

Really, I had a few sample projects when I was first learning to code. Those projects helped prepare me to think about the bigger picture, but there is nothing like sinking your teeth into a live business project that has real impact to a business.

And while my coding business turned into a 6-figure a year business, I made a ton of newbie mistakes along the way that held it back in the early years.

In fact, there are 3 critical mistakes I made that I don't want YOU to make with your first (or 5th) coding project. If you can avoid these, you can not only grow better as a coder but grow faster.

One of the first projects I worked on was with a Basketball Magazine company. I was tasked with architecting and developing both the front-end and back-end of an online magazine entirely in ColdFusion and MSSQL (along with HTML, CSS and JavaScript). This provided a complete online magazine with online transactions for purchasing...

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Behind The Scenes: Coding with Apex

I wanted to take you into my home office today and share with you my setup, what I use for coding, what goes into a normal day in the life of a coder. It’s not all that glamorous, but it’s challenging, rewarding and fun.

I’m a Salesforce Technical Architect, which means I strategically plan custom technical projects that help provide business value that will positively impact a businesses bottom line, and I get my hands dirty actually doing the coding work. I work on the Salesforce platform, best CRM there is and the coding language I mainly use is Apex, but I also use Javascript, HTML, CSS and do integration work as well with SOAP and REST APIs.

Computer Setup

For my computer setup I work on a Mac. I have a 15-inch MacBook Pro. I started out with a PC in my early coding days, but turned Mac early on… and once you turn Mac you never go back. I have two other I think 19” and 21” monitors that I connect to my laptop to provide me with 3 screens...

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How To Start Coding Right Now

If you are interested in coding/programming but don’t know where to start, you are not alone. Just a quick google search about getting started programming you will find there are more than 700 programming languages and more created each year. It’s so hard to figure out where to start.

I want to give you a simple easy way to break down how to get started coding right now.

#1 Decide The Platform

Decide what type of media based platform you want to work on (mobile apps, desktop/console apps or cloud-based / web-based).

Are you doing this for more of hobby or are you wanting to position yourself to be marketable for business so that you can make a 6 figure income?

Mobile based platforms - iOS: Objective-C and Swift are the 2 main programming languages used to build iOS apps. Objective C is an older language whereas Swift is a modern, fast, clear and evolving language. Android mainly uses Java.

Desktop/Console apps: Java, C, C++, Swift

Cloud-based / Web-based languages:...

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