Behind The Scenes: Coding with Apex

I wanted to take you into my home office today and share with you my setup, what I use for coding, what goes into a normal day in the life of a coder. It’s not all that glamorous, but it’s challenging, rewarding and fun.

I’m a Salesforce Technical Architect, which means I strategically plan custom technical projects that help provide business value that will positively impact a businesses bottom line, and I get my hands dirty actually doing the coding work. I work on the Salesforce platform, best CRM there is and the coding language I mainly use is Apex, but I also use Javascript, HTML, CSS and do integration work as well with SOAP and REST APIs.

Computer Setup

For my computer setup I work on a Mac. I have a 15-inch MacBook Pro. I started out with a PC in my early coding days, but turned Mac early on… and once you turn Mac you never go back. I have two other I think 19” and 21” monitors that I connect to my laptop to provide me with 3 screens that I can separate my windows on, which helps me to multi-task easier.

Software Setup

The software is a little more interesting.

  • I also use Developer Console on Salesforce itself. Salesforce comes with a console where you can create and edit Apex code directly through the browser.
  • I use SOAPUI ( when working with SOAP Integrations.

  • I’ll mention some websites I use often as well. I use Workbench ( when I need to run SOQL queries and interact with the data that’s in the database.

What I Use for Research

You will usually find me on the Apex Developer Guide ( when I’m working through the code to find the correct functions or methods I need to accomplish the requirements for a project. Depending on the project, if I’m building a Lightning Component (, I’ll make use of the Lightning Component Library. It’s also super useful.

Well that’s it! Hope this helps you in your coding journey. Have a great day!

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