How To Start Coding Right Now

If you are interested in coding/programming but don’t know where to start, you are not alone. Just a quick google search about getting started programming you will find there are more than 700 programming languages and more created each year. It’s so hard to figure out where to start.

I want to give you a simple easy way to break down how to get started coding right now.

#1 Decide The Platform

Decide what type of media based platform you want to work on (mobile apps, desktop/console apps or cloud-based / web-based).

Are you doing this for more of hobby or are you wanting to position yourself to be marketable for business so that you can make a 6 figure income?

Mobile based platforms - iOS: Objective-C and Swift are the 2 main programming languages used to build iOS apps. Objective C is an older language whereas Swift is a modern, fast, clear and evolving language. Android mainly uses Java.

Desktop/Console apps: Java, C, C++, Swift

Cloud-based / Web-based languages: Apex, Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python

#2 Commercial Software Coding vs. Open Source Coding

Decide on the Commercial software based platform vs. Community open source

Open Source Pros: Essentially Free to use for the end customer, Free support (although limited), Open standards, Limited bugs, Possibly better security, Not locked in to Commercial software,

Open Source Cons: Much less user-friendly, difficult to use, Support is often slow and limited, More vulnerable to malicious attacks since code base is visible.

Commercial Software Pros: Usability (Easy to Use for end customers), Stable product, Tailored and Fast Support, Usually used by large and successful businesses (job security), Cheaper/Faster start-up costs for businesses, Less Risk

Commercial Software Cons: Dependent upon the software company, Not as customizable (have to work within the software vendor framework)

I’m an Apex programmer. It’s tied to a Commercial Cloud-based platform called Salesforce which is THE #1 Cloud-based CRM in the world. Companies that use Salesforce are Spotify, Amazon, US Bank, Toyota, T-Mobile, American Express, Canon, NBCUniversal, The Hershey Company, and thousands more.

I’ve chosen Apex as my coding language b/c I know and love the Salesforce ecosystem, what you can do with it, the amazing community of 180,000+ developers, the training and so much more.

#3 Sign Up For a Course / Coaching Program / Training Website

There are a number of different ways to learn to code.

  • You can go self-taught, find a website for the language you are wanting to learn. There are too many out there to list.
  • You can sign up for a course, there are some free, some that cost a little ($10-$100) and some that are code training boot camps that can be several thousand dollars. 
  • You can also sign up for a code training / coaching program. These usually have a limited number of spots. However, it provides you with direct access to a coach/mentor who can guide you through your training. This is usually the best option to jump start your coding journey.

The only thing stopping you now is YOU! Get started. 

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